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Tral Service Company for over 10 years renders to its Clients transportation and expediting services in the markets of Ukraine, CIS, and Europe within the following spheres:

  • transportation of oversized cargoes;
  • tent-coveredshipments;
  • railroading;
  • multimodal shipments.

We have our own automobile fleet of semitrailers that allows confirmation of the machine enlistment per a competitive price in the course of an hour upon a Client’s request.

We execute permits on transportation of oversized cargoes within 1 day upon a Client’s request, whereas in contrast as per other companies, this procedure lasts from 1week to 2 weeks.

We proceed in the same direction, if:

  • to be ahead of schedule is your compelling stand;
  • you want to earn much. Your appetite will not be glutted by the salary even in the amount of 50,000 hryvnas (on our end, they earn and more);
  • you exert efforts for achievement of the planned result 10 times more than the ordinary sellers in the staff of the same ordinary companies, about whom nobody is knowledgeable;
  • you focus towards tearing of big and rich bites from the transportation market, and to pocket up a fat commission as the remuneration for your work.

Already prepared to work with us? SEND YOUR RESUME,  and during the interview you may put to us your remaining questions.
Location of our office: M. Gloseevskaya, Vasil’kovskaya Str., 14, 3rd floor.
Work schedule: 09:00 – 18:00 (5 days a week).

Functional responsibilities:

  • search of clients;
  • receipt of applications;
  • search of transportation vehicles required;
  • interaction with clients and carriers (correspondence, coordination of terms and conditions,  execution of agreements, paperwork processing);
  • search and enlistment of partners.

Requirements imposed:

  • computer skills on an IT literate level (MS Office, Internet);
  • experience in conduct of negotiations on formation of an order;
  • knowledge of the transportation and expediting services’ market;
  • one’s own best practices as per dealing with clients and freight carriers (would be an asset).


Sociability, thoughtfulness, proactivity, responsibility.

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