The firm develops dynamically and offers you the following kinds of services:

  • expediting of all categories of railroad freight carriages including domestic, export, import, and transit consignments on the territory of Ukraine, CIS, Western Europe countries, Mongolia and China;
  • organization of freight carriages by the Caspian ferry service lines (including via Olya port), by Black Sea and Baltics facilities to Sakhalin;
  • by the ferry service lines of the Azov seaport – Caucasus (Caucasus – Crimea, Caucuses – Poti,   Caucasus – Varna);
  • assistance in search and provision of a rolling stock;
  • transportation of super oversized, oversized and heavy-weigh cargoes;
  • coordination with OAO “RJD” of special terms and conditions on carriages;
  • consulting services including calculations of a transportation component and upgrade of the optimal transportation schemes adjusted for the specific  requests  on cargo deliveries;
  • submittal of information in regard to advancement of a cargo within its entire transportation route, and its required delivery date.

The essential principles of company operations are comprehensible and simple:

  • long-term partnership relations with the clients;
  • reliability, business integrity, exposure to collaboration;
  • commitment to observance of the terms and conditions of executed business agreements;
  • pricing policy aimed at not for receiving “here-and-now profit”, but at long-term and consistent success.

The company in its work activities is guided by the prevailing Laws of Ukraine, Statute on Railway Transportation and Shipping Regulations.