The out-of-gauge cargoes are those cargoes that due to their dimensions or weight are not subject to transportation in an open or covered truck or container, and cargoes, which parameters (at least one) exceed the standard ones. The specifics of out-of-gauge cargoes is such that practically all of the are unique, they call for special machinery for their transportation, detailed elaboration of the transportation route, organization of special permits, and, if required, special escorting of their delivery, as well as specially trained drivers and many other conditions, which are regulated by the rules applicable to out-of-gauge and heavy-weight cargoes.

The out-of-gauge cargos are subdivided into the following categories:

  • oversized cargoes – these are the cargoes that during their loading onto a transportation vehicle at least one of their parameters exceeds the critical overall dimensions of a rolling stock established in the normative documentation.
  • long cargoes – these are the cargoes that during their loading onto a transportation vehicle overlap its rear end for more than 2 meters.
  • heavy-weight cargoes – these are the cargoes, dimensions of which during their loading onto a transportation vehicle, exceed at least one of the parameters of the maximum allowable weight for rolling stock or load on the axes of a road train established in the normative documentation.

The out-of-gauge cargo is continuously monitored by our personnel that allows its tracking during its transportation within the entire route.

The out-of-gauge cargoes that are transported by our company:

  • agricultural machinery (tractors, combine harvesters, cutters, seed planters, spraying machines, etc.);
  • construction equipment (excavators, bulldozers, drilling rigs, cranes, graders, stone crushers, etc.);
  • various out-of- gauge processing equipment (transformers, compressors, mills, processing lines, tanks, railroad equipment, pressing machines, etc.);
  • workmen's shelters, pavilions, modular premises? Out-of-gauge parts of house structures;
  • out-of- gauge cargoes with big diameters (tanks, industrial stacks, barrels);
  • long-size cargoes (pipes, well borers, power line towers, etc.);
  • wooden out-of- gauge products, out-of- gauge structural steel, etc.).

The most complex transportation type is considered to be transportation of the so-called design cargoes. The design cargoes are out-o-gauge cargoes, which are not subject to transportation via common roads. Their transportation is possible only per a specific route. Besides, in certain cases, an additional transportation route is developed, as well. In case, if during transportation of the design cargo it is necessary to cross a bridge, then there shall be taken into account its load-bearing capacity and limitations per width and height if such exist. Accomplishment of transportation procedures like this calls for attention and account for all subtle aspects and distinguishing characteristics of a specific freight transportation. The following factors affect the cost incurred in transportation of an out-of-gauge cargo:

  • selection of the optimal type of a transportation vehicle for delivery of the out-of-gauge cargo (for example, for delivery of combine harvesters special low-frame platforms are used outfitted with  niches for the combine harvester  wheels that makes it possible not to exceed the allowable height, and by this to significantly lessen the expenses on transportation activities;
  • outside dimensions of a transported cargo (wrong selection of transportation vehicles or incorrect positioning of the cargo on the platform can create additional difficulties during movement of the vehicle with out-of-gauge cargo in tunnels, under bridges, on overhead roads, under power transmission lines and result in a significant increase of transportation cost);
  • motorized transport route carrying an out-of-gauge cargo (selection of the optimal transportation route will make it possible not only to lessen the financial expenses on receipt of special permits and approvals, escorting of the motorized transport with a cargo and road fees but also will reduce the term for cargo delivery);
  • different requirements and limitations during transportation of out-of-gauge and heavy-weight cargoes in different countries of Europe and CIS.

The team of our company consists of employees who have versatile experience in the sphere of transportation of oversized cargoes. We are professionally involved in transportation of any long-sized, oversized and heavy-weight cargoes. Owing to high professionalism and experience of the company, employees, transportation of out-of-gauge cargoes is implemented within the shortest terms. All deliveries of out-of-gauge cargoes both in Ukraine and out of its borders are accomplished in compliance with the existing legislation, as well in accordance with the safety norms imposed on transportation activities.